Let's get to know each other..

Sometimes big things start small..

LUX is small.

Really small actually.. In short, we’re a partnership from the UK getting Aussies passionate about the internet and helping to show its potential. There are only 2 of us working behind the scenes keeping the gears turning at LUX HQ. Having learned design & web design together we decided to put our skills to good use and help people make their online presence match their real-world presence.

Here at LUX we don’t fully agree with the saying “it’s not what you know – it’s who you know.” We believe it’s both. We have skills in various areas across web-design, graphic design, marketing and everything that surrounds the industry. We’ll work our arses off to make sure things get done properly – if it’s worth doing, we’ll do it right. We also know a bunch of great people who specialise in certain skills across the online world. We’ll occasionally reach out to these people to make sure our work is top-notch and that your final product is just how you (and we) want it. This is something we’re not afraid to admit as, in our eyes, collaboration is the key to success – hell, that’s why you’re considering collaborating with us, right?!

Insert ‘Business People Shaking Hands in Office’ clip art here.

Hit us up online, we’re nice, promise.