About This Project

Mark is a photographer based in Leeds, UK – my home town. As he’s making the move into professional photography he wanted a website to able to show his recent work, offer his services and give people an online point of contact. He didn’t need or want anything too flashy or complex, no online stores or booking forms, just something simple for his clients and potential clients to be able to see his previous work and get a feel for his style of photography. It was critical that he would have an area on the site for users to contact him directly to request quotes or have a chat about jobs.

For Mark I created a one-page layout to save any unneeded complexities and ensure navigating the site was ultra efficient and simple. A full screen header showcases a great shot of Mark’s, followed by a small intro to Mark and his work. A portfolio grid that can be extended to show more images at the click of a button makes it as easy as possible for users to find and see his work and a basic yet functional contact form at the bottom of the page leads potential customers naturally to a point of contact and an opportunity to contact Mark for a quote.

You can visit the site using this link: http://theyorkest.com/



Logo Design, Web Design